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Greetings, Whovians!


To answer a FAQ: Yes, I have been to the moon in the year 2049 but I’m not allowed to talk about it.

Gems from Richard Cohn


"The cloud |4|-classes all have even pc-sums, and hence lack internal P relations; but the six clouds do participate in a rich P2 orgy, whose graph is isomorphic to a sub-graph of Figure 4.”

Cohn, Richard. 2003. “A tetrahedral graph of tetrachordal voice-leading space,” in Music Theory Online, 9, np.

Former Professor Love.

"Take the worst job at the best place"


That’s just one bit of the great advice you’ll get from Mark Fitzloff, the executive creative director of Wieden+Kennedy Portland. You can read the rest of Mark’s wise and humble advice here.

Coming up: Interpol



Thank you, Alex!

Next week, we’re going to discuss New York City rock rapscallions/sunglasses aficionados Interpol.

Taking you through this week will be Kezia Swanepoel, whose blog you can enjoy here, and who you can follow on Twitter and SoundCloud at @prettyintights.

It should be a fun week — see you tomorrow!

megwilhoite: I assume you’ve seen this.

Occasionally, We Get Internal Pronunciation Emails


Hi there

As we approach the Scottish referendum, may I please remind you that the correct pronunciation of Edinburgh is <ED-in-BURR-ah>

+++ if you are Scottish you can say ED-in-BRAH  +++

However it is NOT a an animal’s den “–burrow” or a  large lump of ice    “-berg”



*We checked with Kevin before posting this.

Kevin Beesley

Europe Editor

NPR National Public Radio

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Edinburgh, IN, however, is pronounced with the hard “g” at the end.