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Folks so loved this thoughtful guest essay by Norman Allen that I thought I’d give it a reprise on Good Friday. He writes that Easter is not just being about Jesus’ resurrection but Mary Magdalene too. Take three minutes to listen and read. It’s a beauty.

Nike Killing Off FuelBand, Exiting Hardware As Apple Nears »


Nick Statt:

Nike is gearing up to shutter its wearable-hardware efforts, and the sportswear company this week fired the majority of the team responsible for the development of its FuelBand fitness tracker, a person familiar with the matter told CNET.

Yikes. Though the reality is that this seemed inevitable as something Apple this way comes:

As Apple enters the fray, Nike has a potential partner. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who was seen wearing a FuelBand at the company’s launch of the iPad mini in October of 2012, sits on Nike’s board, and has for the last nine years. That relationship has been fruitful over the years, helping Nike enter the wearable market as early as 2006, with the Nike+iPod shoe sensor package, with a strong brand partner.

I’ve been saying this for a while: Tim Cook remaining on Nike’s board while Apple readies its own health/fitness-focused device was awkward at best. Unless Nike decided to exit that business and instead partner with Apple on such a device…

(As an aside, Secret strikes first again on this news.)

As a user of the Nike+iPod, I could have cared less about the FuelBand (I also just got a FitBit). But I do like the Nike+ tracking site. 



You may say I’m a dreamer

but the media men beg to differ

i’ve typed and deleted 7 different captions for this and i just. i don’t know what to say. i don’t have an appropriate gif. i don’t know what to say. i’m just going to go cry myself to sleep.

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